Amy Rojas

Amy Rojas

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Diversity Advancement Scholarship


University of Texas at Austin

Panama City, FL

Amy Rojas is a student at The University of Texas at Austin, where she is working towards her Bachelor of Interior Design with the intention of later pursuing a Master of Interior Architecture.  Amy transferred with her Associates of Science in Architecture from San Antonio College and was their 2017-18 AIAS President.  Before her design education began, she was a member of the US Air Force for nearly a decade as an Electronic Warfare Avionics Technician.  Both of her parents served in the Air Force as well, which has given Amy a unique perspective through working, living, and traveling all over the world.

Amy now serves as an AIAS National student representative on the NAAB Accreditation Review Forum ’19 Steering Committee and is UTSOA’s 2019-20 Ampersand President.  Amy shares a love of both architecture and interior design.  She believes the relationship between these two careers is crucial and should be strengthened as they work together towards creating spaces that put human beings first.