Michael Lidwin

Michael Lidwin

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AF/McAslan Fellowship


University of Tennessee

Chantilly, VA

Michael Lidwin grew up in Chantilly, VA and has long been inspired by the architecture of his hometown – most notably Eero Saarinen’s Dulles Airport. He will graduate from the University of Tennessee: Knoxville with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures with an Italian Concentration. He is interested in design’s potential to foster community and the even greater potential to learn from communities through collaborative design workshops. He is an active member in several university organizations, especially AIAS Freedom by Design and Knox County University-Assisted Community Schools.

Michael’s research experience includes documentation analysis of Alvar Aalto works through the 2018 UT Finland Summer Architecture Institute. In addition, Michael researched in India, Japan, Malta, and the Netherlands as a 2019 Aydelott Travel Award recipient. Michael recently completed a spring 2019 internship at Gensler’s New York Office and joined international design platform, IBIDEM City, in July 2019 as a research trainee.

He is extremely grateful for the generosity and opportunity to research under John McAslan + Partners as a 2020 Architects Foundation/McAslan Fellow.