Michelle Badr

Michelle Badr

Scholar since

Scholarship received
Payette Sho-Ping Chin Memorial Academic Scholarship


Yale University (M.Arch)
University of California, Berkeley (B.Arch)

Oakland, CA

Michelle is a second-year student pursuing a Master’s at the Yale School of Architecture. Prior to graduate school, she studied Architecture with a focus on urbanism in developing countries at the University of California, Berkeley where she began advocating for socioeconomic and cultural inclusivity in the built environment. Her diverse upbringing as an Afghan-American influenced her interests in the relationship between space, identity, and social behavior.

Michelle has led initiatives at WeWork, WZ Architecture, and Oualalou+Choi in Paris. She currently mentors student teams at the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale, and interns at Atelier Cho Thompson. This summer, she will be conducting urban research in Sweden and designing a new technology campus in Kabul, Afghanistan with Yale University and The Digital Citizen Fund—a nonprofit that promotes tech education for females in the developing world.

In her free time Michelle enjoys listening to French rap, frequenting cafes, and exploring cities like New York and Istanbul.