Sarah Young

Sarah Young

Scholar since

Scholarship received
Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship

Current occupation
Assistant Professor, The University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Project Designer, emerymcclure architecture


University of Louisiana at Lafayette (M.Arch)

Lafayette, LA

Sarah Michele Young, Assoc. AIA is a 2012 M.Arch graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After graduation, she joined the faculty at her alma mater where she currently works as a tenure-track Assistant Professor. As an educator, she enacts a pedagogy that demystifies the design process and she has spearheaded several initiatives to respond to students’ emerging needs and to enhance overall studio culture. She focuses her academic research on the means through which educators, practitioners, and students communicate through and about design. Since 2014, she has worked as a practicing designer at an award-winning critical practice architecture firm, emerymcclure architecture. As a project designer and as a partner in a speculative design team, emC&young, her work on both built and speculative projects has been nationally and internationally recognized and exhibited.