Xinyuan Ma

Xinyuan Ma

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a/e ProNet David W. Lakamp Scholarship


Carnegie Mellon University (M.Arch)
Syracuse University (M.Arch)

Henan, China

My name is Xinyuan Ma. I have spent my first year of M.Arch studies at Syracuse University and am about to join the M.Arch program at Carnegie Mellon University in the fall of 2020.

For me, giving up a promising career in the real estate industry and switching to M.Arch studies was probably the wildest and the best decision I have ever made. During the past year, architectural education has led me to an immersive research environment that I had always wanted. I find myself more sensitive and responsive to the world around us, and with more perspectives from art, anthropology, economics, politics, engineering, and so on, which are all triggered by architectural discourses.

While architecture as a language fascinates me with its traces of drawings, specifications, models, and constructions at all scales, I am more enchanted by how architecture encompasses systematic thinking and brings multiple disciplines into an empowering form. I believe in the power of synthesis of architects in solving real-world problems and aim to help better the built environment for our aging society after graduation.