The Architects Foundation has announced the recipients of its Diversity Advancement Scholarship, including the scholarship sponsored by Fireclay Tile. Oni Thornell of Brooklyn, NY will receive $4,000 per year towards tuition for up to five years to attend Syracuse University.

“Fireclay Tile is thrilled to partner with the Architects Foundation to support talented, inquisitive, and compassionate future architects like Oni Thornell” said Lindsey Bourcier, Fireclay Tile Brand Manager.

“Oni’s dedication to making meaningful change, her desire to lean into sustainable practices, and most importantly, her advocacy for equal access to the rights inherent in architecture resonated strongly with our team at Fireclay and aligns with our ethos of continuous improvement in building an inclusive world.”

Embracing diverse viewpoints and cultures in architecture is an asset to the profession, and the Diversity Advancement Scholarship offers students with a passion for studying the discipline of architecture an opportunity to successfully complete their studies no matter their color or where they come from.

The Diversity Advancement Scholarship was created in 1970 with an initial grant from the Ford Foundation, after civil rights leader Whitney Young Jr. challenged architects in 1968 to create a more responsible and equitable field. The Architects Foundation has been managing the program since 2009 and has expanded the program size thanks to the support of sponsors like Fireclay Tile.