Taisa Peree-Sehic

Taisa Peree-Sehic

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2022 Sho-Ping Chin Women's Leadership Summit Grant


University of Kentucky (M.Arch)

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

Taisa Peree-Sehic has been practicing architecture in one form or another since she was 16 years-old. From sweeping floors filled with modeling dust, to completing projects currently floating of the coasts of Africa, South America and Europe.

She immigrated in the early 90’s from Sarajevo and found comfort in architecture; using it to learn about the places she had traveled and lived. Understanding how their cultures were impacted throughout the years and how that was reflected in the design of their built environment.

After completing her master’s degree at the University of Kentucky, Taisa immigrated once more to the Netherlands. She established herself, working as a Naval Architect specializing in ship and yacht interiors and ship master-planning. It is here that she met her partner and became a proud mother.

Taisa recently returned to the United States to pursue her dream of licensure and running her own office. She hopes to create a safe-place where her community can interact with the projects being built that directly impact them, a place where fellow architects and architects-to-be can practice architecture and share their experiences without judgement and a place where work-life balance is central, where humanity is once again ignited and respected.