Tianna Williams

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2022 AIA Large Firm Roundtable ARE Scholarship

Current occupation
Architectural Design Specialist at WSA


Washington University in St. Louis (M.Arch)
University of Cincinnati (B.Arch)

Columbus, OH

Raised in Columbus Ohio, Tianna spent her younger years participating in art, sports, reading and writing. Her passion for Architecture began through experiencing the disparities her paralyzed grandmother faced daily navigating throughout spaces. Paying attention to the lack of equitable design solutions as a child is what led her to pursuing architecture. That passion then led her to the University of Cincinnati for her B.Arch degree and later to pursuing her M.Arch degree at Washington University in St Louis. Over the past decade she has worked on several types of design projects such as residential, healthcare, workplace, higher education, community design, and lastly, but not least, several architectural mentorship programs for the inner-city youth.

In addition to her professional work experience, she has also traveled the world exploring various cultures, design, and diversity in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Macau, Mexico, etc. Though traveling will always be a passion of hers, she recently relocated back to her hometown Columbus, Ohio as an architectural design specialist at WSA. As her career continues forward, she is excited to be a part of a design community that challenges and champions the culture of equity, diversity and inclusion through architecture, design, and mentorship.