Having now graduated from the Bachelor of Architecture program at Carnegie Mellon University and having reflected on my experiences of the degree, I have come to realize the deeper importance of my time at the School of Architecture. A Bachelor of Architecture is much more than an arduous endeavor; it is an educational experience that affords both serendipitous creativity and methodical problem-solving and rewards risk and curiosity. Through the program and the generosity of The Architects Foundation, I have grown into a skillful young designer and thinker as well as a budding researcher, creating projects ranging from architectural theory to sustainable design, analogue media to computational frameworks. I have also furthered my academic career through working as a teaching assistant for numerous architecture courses ranging from drawing to construction assembly to architectural history.

My devotion to my art has been personally and academically rewarding, earning both College and University Honors and travel and design awards in my third and fourth years, respectively. But it is important never to rest on one’s laurels, but to always strive for excellence and even higher achievements. This is why I consider my Bachelor of Architecture as a first step in my academic career. I will be returning to Carnegie Mellon University this coming year for a Master’s of Science degree in Sustainable Design. With the climate crisis brought on by the seemingly irreversible threat of global warming, I consider it crucial to put all one’s effort into revolutionizing ecologically minded development to truly make this the best of all possible worlds. I hope to remain in school for many years to come, building up knowledge and participating in cutting edge research, so that I might teach future generations of the wonders made possible at the intersection of art and science.