Designing a new future

The Architects Foundation leads philanthropic efforts that lay the foundation of architecture’s future, by attracting, inspiring and investing in new and diverse generations of architects who will create inclusive spaces and places of tomorrow.

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Our values

We believe architects use the power of design to solve problems, transform lives, and create a better world. We believe architects are uniquely qualified to influence the social as well as physical communities they design.

As such, we believe the architectural profession needs to respectfully and inclusively reflect the diverse society it serves.

We believe the irrepressible spirit of architects can be harnessed to support and empower a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive design community.

We believe in the power of historic preservation to interpret the legacy of the past for future generations, and to ensure that places with historical, cultural, and technical significance remain relevant in our lives today. At The Octagon, we inspire the next generation of design leaders and demonstrate the value that architects and architecture bring to culture through meaningful exhibits and partnerships.

As the essential, 501c(3) charitable partner of AIA, we believe the Institute stands stronger by encouraging a culture of philanthropy to help enable and empower members’ efforts to drive positive change through the power of design.