We at the Architects Foundation echo the sentiments of the AIA Board regarding systemic racial injustice. We agree that systemic racial injustice in any form, whether it be police brutality, employment discrimination, or any other efforts to marginalize people of color is appalling and cannot be allowed to continue. Now more than ever, we are proud of our role in supporting a diverse next-generation of architects to use their problem-solving skills to advance justice and equality for all people.

The 2020 Architects Foundation Board of Directors
James Walbridge, AIA, President
R. Steven Lewis, FAIA, Vice President
Carole Wedge, FAIA, Treasurer
Bill Roschen, FAIA, Secretary
Ken Higa, AIA
Dan Kirby, FAIA
Constance Lai, FAIA
Sharon Liebowitz
Thomas Luebke, FAIA
Katherine Malone-France
Kenneth Schwartz, FAIA