Spring Webinar Series – The Future of Cities

Our society is undergoing a profound transformation. By mid-century, an estimated two-thirds of our global population – 6 billion people – will live in cities. Global population growth and urbanization are putting enormous stress on our civilization, fueling a host of cascading crises from climate change to housing, health to inequality. Despite the unprecedented challenges facing us, cities are uniquely positioned to serve as the hub of a global strategy to address our current crises. This series will focus on a number of key themes facing the future of our cities, offering provocative ideas about how we conceptualize our collective future and the role of design leadership in achieving global goals.

Technology & the Future City

LU  |  February 1 at 2pm ET

This session will provide a broad overview of the major implications of key emerging technologies unfolding in cities and a framework for understanding urban design and development connections to them.

Decarbonization for Cities

1 LU HSW  |  February 22 at 2pm ET

This session will identify some of the common gaps in current city approaches and highlight innovative work happening at the local level that may provide broader guidance to community decarbonization strategies across the country.

Public Process Leadership in an Age of Distrust

1 LU HSW  |  March 15 at 2pm ET

The session will address technique selection, as well as tools, resources and networks where participants can develop skills in public participation and building trust.

The 15-Minute City: Sustainable Urbanism in the Future City

1 LU HSW  |  April 5, 2023 at 2pm ET

This session will feature real-world applied settings for the 15-Minute City with lessons learned for other jurisdictions seeking to mobilize action for more sustainable urbanism.

Introduction to Design Assistance Teams

1 LU HSW  |  April 26, 2023 at 2pm ET

This session will explain the guiding principles and methodology that Design Assistance Teams employ to help communities reach more equitable and sustainable outcomes.

Building the Equitable City: Lessons Learned in Anti-Displacement and Equitable

1 LU HSW  |  May 17, 2023 at 2pm ET

The session will share practical lessons learned from a range of diverse experiences in major American cities that can provide guidance to other community practitioners, designers and civic leaders.

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