Brandon Byrd

Brandon Byrd

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2021 Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship

Current occupation
Architectural Designer at EYP

Jacksonville, FL

Brandon Byrd is a Jacksonville, Florida native currently residing in Colorado. He graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Environmental Design and has hopes of earning a master’s degree. In the meantime, he has started to study for the ARE and is excited to be an awardee of the Jason Pettigrew ARE Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will be a huge benefit to the effort of becoming a licensed architect.

Brandon is an Architectural Designer with seven years of experience across multiple practices. His experience includes assisted living/memory care, residential, hospitality/resorts, commercial, and industrial/warehouses. He is currently set to embark on a new journey with EYP Architecture and Engineering as a designer practicing healthcare architecture with opportunities to also practice government and higher education architecture.

Brandon is also a Navy veteran assigned to the USS Jacksonville, a submarine stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. There, he had duties as one of the boat’s cooks and qualified scuba divers. He has been deployed twice, one across the Atlantic and one across the Pacific. He was active for four years and a reservist for three.