Caroline Arrigoni

Caroline Arrigoni

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2021 Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship

Current occupation
Designer at ACi Architects


Rollins College (Studio Art)
University of Florida (M.Arch)

Orlando, FL

Caroline Arrigoni is a young and emerging professional currently on the path to architectural licensure. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, then moving to Orlando, Florida in 2010, Caroline uses many influences from Brazilian culture to inspire her designs today. Coming from a creative family of architects and engineers, she developed an early passion for the field of architecture which unites design and construction into a medium of artistic expression.

Caroline has a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Rollins College and a master’s degree in Architecture from University of Florida. She is the recipient of the Graduate Architecture Academic Achievement Award and the Graduate Architecture Design Honor Award. Caroline has been employed as a designer at ACi Architects for over five years, where she has a background in mixed-use projects, public development, and residential communities.

Caroline’s next goals are to complete architectural licensure, stay involved in the local architectural community, and continuing to expand her passion for architectural design.