Cassius Palacio

Cassius Palacio

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2022 RS&H Diversity Advancement Scholarship


University of Southern California

Chicago, IL

Cassius Palacio (he/him) is a proud Chicagoan and a former “Navy brat”. He works primarily in architecture, photography, and mixed media. He has been featured within many online publications centered around student civic engagement and architecture.

He is intrigued by emergent and innovative art born from underrepresented people and communities. Additionally, Palacio has always invested his time within student civic engagement. It’s critical that every young adult understands the power they have when they use their voice and gain confidence. Cassius has previously worked with the Chicago Public Schools Student Advisory Council as a student council member during high school. Still fulfilling his passion, he now serves as the Lead External Outreach Coordinator for the Architecture + Advocacy (student organization of undergraduate/graduate students). Architecture + Advocacy is an organization that empowers South LA high school students as change-makers in their physical environments through architecture and design workshops. Architecture + Advocacy blends Palacio’s passion for architecture with student civic engagement to proactively design a symphony of social change.

Palacio is an alumnus and big advocate of ACE Mentor Chicago, Mikva Challenge, Future Founders, and University of Chicago STEM Initiative.