Christa Frisco

Christa Frisco LFRT

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Scholarship received
2022 AIA Large Firm Roundtable ARE Scholarship

Pomona, CA

I was born of Asian and African American ethnicity. I was raised with four other siblings, with me being the only girl. Growing up, I was placed in a Christian school, which shaped a lot of my life today. In a small school I was able to explore my academic interests such as Math and Art. I was also able to experience playing several sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Softball.

Growing up in the Los Angeles region, I experienced the density and housing insecurities that characterize this area. As a result, I started my interest in Architecture in hopes of aiding the housing crisis. Ultimately, my career path for Architecture was directed toward the healthcare industry, however, my initial root desire was to impact the community as best I can. Currently, I am 25 years old and enjoy hobbies such as working out, being active, cooking, hanging out with family, crocheting, and line dancing.