Diane Kayembe

Diane Kayembe

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2021 Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship

Current occupation
Designer at Lloyd Architects


University of Utah (M.Arch)

Pocatello, Idaho

Diane Kayembe is a lifelong resident of the Mountain West region and currently lives in Utah. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Utah. Currently a designer at Lloyd Architects, she focuses on commercial, hospitality, and custom residential projects. In the upcoming 2022 summer semester at the University of Utah School of Architecture, she will teach the Public Interest course to master architecture students participating in the Design Build Bluff program.

Philanthropically, Diane serves on the AIA Utah Honors & Awards Committee where she is spearheading the revamp of the Student Awards. Her position on the AIA Utah Equity in Design (EQxD) Committee involves collaborative efforts to organize a resource library for the local AIA chapter. In further committee efforts, she helps to create an inclusion survey for distribution amongst Utah professionals to help measure and inform the resources required to encourage firms to facilitate more inclusive environments. She serves as a liaison for EQxD Committee on the AIA Utah Board of Directors. Diane is passionate about addressing local social issues and searching for solutions and opportunities for her community.