Eunice Tosin Bamidele

Scholar since

Scholarship received
The Large Firm Roundtable ARE Scholarship

Abuja, Nigeria

Tosin Bamidele is an accomplished emerging professional with a strong educational background in architecture and business administration. Holding master’s degrees from Iowa State University and earlier architectural degrees from Nigeria, Tosin is committed to the artistic, technological, and business aspects of her field.

With a focus on projects that prioritize underrepresented groups and communities, Tosin has diverse experience in radio journalism, business case competitions, international architectural practice, and research publications, demonstrating her versatility and dedication to making a positive impact.

As a fellow of the prestigious 2022 AIA New York Civic Leadership Program, Tosin has honed her skills in civic engagement as a designer. Her passion for civic architecture is evident in her role at Marvel Architects, where she incorporates elements of her West African heritage with her Euro-American education and practical experience.

Actively working towards architectural licensure in New York, Tosin exemplifies her commitment to professional development and meaningful career advancement. Her diverse interests including traveling, hiking, illustration, reading, and long-distance running demonstrate her well-roundedness and commitment to personal growth.

With unwavering passion for her work, Tosin is a true asset to the field of architecture, poised to make lasting contributions throughout her career.