Feyisope Quadri

Feyi Quadri

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2022 AIA Large Firm Roundtable ARE Scholarship

Current occupation
Technical Designer at Gensler


Carnegie Mellon University (B.Arch)

Bowie, MD

Feyi Quadri is a multidisciplinary designer eager to explore the psychological responses to designed spaces through layered geometries, textiles, and materiality. With five years of experience under her belt, her balanced experience with architecture and interior design gives her an empathetic, holistic approach when programming and designing.

While attending Carnegie Mellon University, where she received her Bachelor in Architecture degree, Feyi became a founding member of the university’s NOMAS chapter. As a member of AIAS, she served as a peer mentor for four years as well as served on the 2016 AIAS Northeast Quad Conference Committee as a track chair. After graduating in 2016, she started her career doing both architecture and interior design roles on workplace interiors and worship spaces. Later on, she gained experience in multifamily, mixed-use, federal, and retail projects. Currently, she is a technical designer at Gensler in Washington, DC.

Outside of work, Feyi spearheads her study group for the ARE exams. She is a proud mentor at her high school, Charles H. Flowers, as an ACE Mentor. She is also serving on the board of DCNOMA as the Director of Communications for 2021-2022. Feyi loves giving back to her community and enriching the future generation of architects and providing resources to uplift her peers in the industry.