Gabriella Doe

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Scholarship received
Diversity Advancement Scholarship


University of Notre Dame

Fort Worth, TX

Gabriella Doe is a second-year student attending the University of Notre Dame, where she is pursuing a major in Architecture and minor in Latino Studies. She is from Fort Worth, Texas, and takes great pride in her African American and Panamanian heritages. Growing up, Gabriella’s fascination with drawing and historic buildings that represented her cultural background, eventually translated to her interest in architecture. In high school, she participated in art and architecture competitions, winning several state-level awards for her large-scale architectural sketches. At the University of Notre Dame, Gabriella writes for STOA, the student-run architectural magazine, where she has interviewed architectural entrepreneurs throughout the United States via Zoom. During the summer of 2023, she worked as an unpaid intern teaching English, Spanish, and art classes at Sifais, a social work organization in La Carpio, Costa Rica. While at Notre Dame, Gabriella aims to combine her cultural identity with architecture to explore the social impacts of colonial architecture in Latin America and West Africa. Gabriella is grateful to God for providing her with such artistic abilities, and for the support from her family. Upon completing her degree, Gabriella intends to create affordable, environmentally-friendly, yet culturally conscious, community and residential architecture