Jennifer Stieben

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2022 a/e ProNet David W. Lakamp Scholarship


University of Kentucky

Versailles, Kentucky

I was raised in Versailles Kentucky, a small town known for its horse industry and bourbon production.

I was enrolled in art and engineering classes in high school; I’ve been interested in these subjects since I was a child, I wanted to major in architecture to combine both subjects. I was influenced by my parents; my dad’s side of the family are all engineers and my mom’s side are mostly creative people. My grandpa on my dad’s side drew up custom houses and his neighbors constructed them near Louisville.

I started my architectural studies at community college which taught architecture as more of a trade which allowed me to get work experience in the industry as I transferred to UK.

I was an intern at a local design build firm the entirety of my undergraduate in Architecture at UK. Interning taught me about business. Projects can get out of control quickly and risk management is vital for a smooth operating business.

I am continuing my education for my master’s degree at UK in the fall. My hope is to be a well-rounded architect and have my own business perhaps with work regarding disaster assistance/restoration. It’s fulfilling to build stronger communities.