Joshua Patrick

Joshua Patrick

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Scholarship received
Diversity Advancement Scholarship


Georgia Tech

Atlanta, GA

Joshua Patrick is a rising freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology. He has fervently been developing his interest in architecture and design since middle school and is eager to study these topics at the collegiate level. When his interest first sprouted, he downloaded the SketchUp software and taught himself how to design buildings. Joshua’s work continued to improve with practice, and he kept researching the field to learn how he could best contribute his designs to the world. As green designs advance in today’s world, Joshua plans to lead the process by implicating eco-friendly components into his buildings. Through architecture, Joshua believes that he could create a safer place for people to reside and work in. By becoming an architect, not only will he build buildings but will help build people. His designs will strive to improve its users, its surroundings, and local businesses.