Marsha McDonald

Marsha McDonald

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2022 AIA Large Firm Roundtable ARE Scholarship


Florida International University (M.Arch)
University of Technology, Jamaica (BA in the Built Environment)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Marsha J. McDonald is an architectural designer and researcher. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in the Built Environment at Caribbean School of Architecture, University of Technology, Jamaica and her professional Master of Architecture at Florida International University, FL where she began her pre-doctoral studies on the role of culture and community in the Architecture. Marsha was a former professor at Florida International University and was a part of the inaugural design arts team at Young Arts Foundation, Miami, FL. After decades as a consultant, Marsha is pursuing her license to focus on multi-cultural and multi-generational design in housing and hospitality.

She is a mother and mentor to youth as they pursue their life and professional goals. Her educational events include Diversity in Design Arts & Architecture (DIDA), an annual event for established and emerging architects and future design professionals of all ages. DIDA’s past themes included, “The Black Aesthetics” (2016), Women of Influence” (2019) “Caribbean Resiliency” (2020-present). She participates as a guest critic for studios, career days and is the creator of seminars and exhibits such as “Caribbean Culinary Museum” (2018-2020) and “Caribbean Spaces” (FIU exhibit) (2013) reflecting her advocacy for the awareness of architectural contributions of diverse and underrepresented communities.