Nadeen Hassan

Nadeen Hassan

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2021 Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship

Current occupation
Junior Architectural Designer at BKSK Architects, LLP


The City College of New York

Brooklyn, NY

Nadeen Hassan is a Junior Architectural Designer at BKSK Architects, LLP and Co-founder/Director of Primaverarch. As a first-generation Egyptian American, Nadeen recognized the unrelenting atmosphere in many parts of the world. She believes that an architect is a problem-solver that attends to the need of not one, but every group of people.

To combat underprivileged and underrepresented groups from being able to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest, Nadeen co-founded a catalyst movement and website called Primaverarch, to encourage women through a series of interviews, leadership programs, and resources. Furthermore, Nadeen is an active member of the City College of New York’s Architecture Alumni Group, AIANY Diversity & Inclusion, and AIANY Women in Architecture committees.

Passionate about uplifting her peers and the next generation, she became a mentor providing assistance and resources to students struggling to adjust to architecture school or considered changing careers. Today, Nadeen serves as a host for the Career & Tech (CTE) Architecture/Engineering Program at Bayside High School; providing an experience of what architects do on a day-to-day basis, while encouraging them to learn something new every day.

Through her involvement within the architecture community, Nadeen remains dedicated to making a space for all.