Nia Fletcher

Scholar since

Scholarship received
2022 Diversity Advancement Scholarship


Tulane University

Seattle, WA

Nia Fletcher is a first-year architecture student at the Tulane University of Louisiana to graduate with a 5-year B.Arch. and a minor or double major in environmental studies. In addition to her passion for architecture, she is an avid artist and musician and hopes to apply her creativity to her architectural designs. She also loves being outdoors – whether she is hiking, running, rowing, biking, or camping; she hopes to help preserve the earth’s beautiful natural resources through her architectural designs.

To kickstart her architectural education, she has participated in the Architecture, Design, and Construction (ACE) Mentorship Program in Seattle, WA, and enrolled in the Career Explorations in Architecture: Tactile Design course from Tulane University in the summer of 2021 – in addition to her individual exploration and study of architectural tools, principals, and history.

Nia’s buildings will be designed with a focus on sustainable design and development, countering housing inequalities, and creating places where people feel a sense of safety, inspiration, and belonging. She is immeasurably grateful to her ACE Mentors, Tulane Professors, and the AIA for helping her reach her goals.