Ruichen Xu

Scholar since

Scholarship received
Jason Pettigrew Memorial ARE Scholarship


University of Pennsylvania

Harbin, China

Ruichen Xu is an emerging professional and takes the initiative to seek traditional architectural solutions to social issues. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2021 with an 8-year Architecture study, she started her career at AECOM as an Architecture Designer. Ruichen prides herself in dedicating herself to the profession of Architecture. She is grateful for the establishment of the Jason Pettigrew Memorial Scholarship that provides strong support and courage to her as an awardee. She was selected as the peer reviewer of the 2023 AIA Conference on Architecture and is actively involved in the AIA professional organization activities and the profession. Ruichen is also interested in regional topics, adaptive use, and affordable housing development in megacities. She was awarded an honorable mention in the International Las Vegas Affordable Housing Competition for her exploration of the feasibility of potential affordable housing typology. In the meantime, her projects were exhibited gradually. The architect is a divine occupation for her, and becoming an Architect means a lifetime of responsibility and honor. Ruichen will continue to contribute and remain involved in the professional industry and her local community to help create opportunities for students and Associates.