Sabrina Lem

Sabrina Lem

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Scholarship received
2022 a/e ProNet David W. Lakamp Scholarship


University of Illinois at Chicago (M.Arch)
York University (Bachelor’s in Business, bilingual French designation)

Born and raised in Toronto, I attended York University for a bachelor’s degree in Business and a bilingual French designation in 2018. That same year, I was fortunate to take part in a semester abroad to Bangkok and travel around Southeast Asia taking courses that expanded my understanding and appreciation for diverse cities. Postgrad I worked for two and a half years in data analytics in Canada while pursuing an interest in architecture – taking college night courses to learn some of the basic software tools. I applied to a summer bridging program at the University of Illinois at Chicago to develop a portfolio and applied the following year. Now going into my second year of graduate school at UIC, interning at Kennedy Mann over the summer, I am building my toolset and learning about the various avenues within this multidisciplinary practice. I hope to engage more in sustainable design into the near future and find opportunities that lean towards the more practical aspects of construction. As I think about a career in architecture, I stand by a confidence and trust in what drives my curiosity.